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IntegraceLa logística hecha simple

Companies of the group

Hugo Herrera Customs Broker

The first of our companies in many ways; the Customs Broker is the axis and mother company of the rest of the logistics holding. It has been a leading company in the Mexican Pacific for more than 35 years. Renowned for its attention to innovation and quality the company is a specialist in commerce with Asia as more than 60% of their transactions are done with this continent. It operates in the Mexican ports of Manzanillo and Lazaro Cardenas.

Integrace Warehouses

As part of our logistic products we offer our 10,000m² warehouse. It's equipped with 10 loading docks, movement sensible alarm system, 24 hour surveillance and of course all the necessary forklifts and extra equipment needed to operate. We also offer our 10000 m² open air yard and the service of consolidation and de-consolidation.


Alapsa is dedicated to the consolidation and transportation of national and local cargo, a very important link in our logistics chain.

Integrace Re-expedition

As its name implies it's the branch of the company dedicated to re expedition of cargo by de consolidating merchandise, reorganizing it in new packages, consolidating and resending it to different locations.


Commercialization company specialized in logistic, importation and exportation products. Created to satisfy the needs of our clients in logistics be it design a whole door to door package, become your distribution center in Mexico or just take your merchandise to our warehouse for a couple of days.


Specialized in handling all type of merchandise inside the ports of Manzanillo and Lazaro Cardenas, be it normal merchandise, steel, machinery or even bulk minerals or grain.

Companies in close relationship with Integrace


Transportation company specializing in bulk cargo handling, with special emphasis on the safety of cargo handling and on-time deliveries.


One of the three mayor Port Operators in Manzanillo. We have extremely close relationships that can help us make your merchandise´s embarkation and disembarkation in the port faster and easier.


Manzanillo´s biggest container yard and warehouse company with federal area. It also offers maintenance, protection and repair services for containers.


18 doors refrigerated warehouse and yard with space for 50 Reefer containers. It has a controlled temperature of 10 C. This company offers the handling of perishables or any product in need of refrigeration so you can use it for sanitary verification, product labeling and cross docking without braking the "cold chain".


Pest Control Company specialized in cargo and logistics solutions. Special products for perishable merchandise and other cargo specifics.